festival internacional de guitarra cordoba

The Cordoba’s International Guitar Festival is one of the most outstanding musical events in Spain and a meeting point for lovers of this wonderful instrument. Every year, for several days, the city of Cordoba becomes a vibrant stage full of music that attracts artists and enthusiasts from all over the world.

The festival is held in different emblematic venues in the city, such as the Gran Teatro de Córdoba, the Teatro Góngora and the Teatro de la Axerquía, among others. These venues are filled with melodies and chords that fill every corner, creating a unique and magical atmosphere.

The history of the Cordoba International Guitar Festival goes back more than half a century, when the first edition took place in 1960. Since then, the event has grown in importance and relevance, becoming a reference for guitarists and music lovers in general.

During the festival, concerts of different musical styles and genres are presented, ranging from classical music to flamenco, jazz and rock. In addition to the concerts, there are lectures, master classes and educational activities aimed at promoting knowledge and appreciation of the guitar.

One of the highlights of the festival is the participation of renowned international artists, who come to Córdoba to share their talent with the public. World-renowned guitarists, both soloists and groups, offer unforgettable performances that leave audiences in awe. Some of the most renowned international artists who have performed at the festival are Kiss, Gary Moore, John Fogerty, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Scorpions, Joe Bonamassa, Carlos Santana or Joe Satriani among many others, as well as great national artists such as Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo, Bunbury or Tomatito.

But the Cordoba International Guitar Festival is not only limited to concerts. There are also competitions and prizes for young guitarists, giving them the opportunity to show their skill and talent in front of a demanding and expert audience. These competitions are a platform to boost the careers of new talents and promote the future of the guitar.

In addition, the festival offers a wide range of complementary cultural activities. Instrument exhibitions, luthiers’ shows, open-air activities and street performances fill the streets of Cordoba with music and enthusiasm. Guitar lovers can enjoy every corner of the city while soaking up the musical atmosphere.


The Cordoba International Guitar Festival is not only an event for experts and professional musicians, but is also open to the general public. Tickets for the concerts are usually affordable, allowing anyone to enjoy high quality guitar music.

This festival is an example of the passion and love for music in Córdoba. The city becomes the epicentre of the guitar, attracting visitors from all over the world. The cultural richness of Cordoba is combined with the magic of the guitar, creating an unforgettable event that leaves its mark on all those who attend.

This year the concert programme is divided into three different venues: the Gran Teatro, the Teatro de la Axerquía and the Teatro Góngora, and this is the programme for each day:

festival internacional de guitarra

festival internacional de guitarra

festival internacional de guitarra

In short, the Cordoba International Guitar Festival is a first class musical event that attracts musicians and guitar lovers from all over the world. With a varied and high quality programme, this festival is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and versatility of this wonderful instrument. If you are passionate about the guitar, this festival is an experience not to be missed.

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